This Week in Policing – Dec. 26th, 2008

It’s been a quiet week from a policing perspective – the heavy snowfall and the holiday spirit kept everything down to a dull roar over the last few days.  

The exception was the Grinch-like incident of two would-be thieves trying to make off with the huge inflatable Christmas decorations from someones front yard on Christmas Eve.  They were caught when the home owner saw his 7-foot Santa go bopping past his living room window.  It did not help that the two would-be thieves were incredibly intoxicated, and between the two of them they were unable to handle Santa and the knee deep snow.  Needless to say, we dug them out of the snowbank they found themselves in and took them to jail.

Cst. Ojo Tewogbade

Cst. Ojo Tewogbade

One positive thing of note I have to mention is about an officer from the Toronto Police Service.  Constable Ojo Tewogbade, who has been a police officer since 1979, was featured on Global National’s ‘Everyday Hero’ broadcast a number of weeks ago.  Then, just yesterday, the news program announced the public had voted, and Cst. Tewogbade was crowned as the ‘Everyday Hero’ of 2008.

Up until I saw this newscast I had never heard of Cst. Tewogbade, so this story was of some interest.  It is about a man who was able to overcome adversity in his young life, how he joined the Toronto Police Service shortly after, and how he connected with the community around him.  To this day, Cst. Tewogbade continues to connect with his community, but he does so with an abundance of caring, compassion and empathy.

After seeing how this officer gives of himself to those in need of a role model, a father figure or a friend, I am deeply impressed.  If you take the few minutes to read his story, I think you will be too.

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