How to be a Good Witness – Part Two

Watch the following video with an eye to being the best witness you can:


It happened pretty quick, didn’t it?

The fellow with the camera phone was in the right place, at the right time, and if this were a REAL incident, his video would be used by the police as evidence.

Wait a minute. This wasn’t a real incident?

Nope. It was an action scene during the filming of a commercial, and if you listen carefully at the end of the tape you can hear the director yell “CUT!”  (thank goodness this was make believe, because the police looked like buffoons running right past the get-away car…and I hate it when we look like buffoons).

Now, if you were on the street, sans camera phone, and this unfolded in front of you as a real incident, would you later be able to answer the following questions?

  • How many suspects were there?
  • What were the suspects wearing?
  • What were the suspect carrying?
  • Did they have weapons?
  • Did the suspects say anything to one another?
  • What kind of car did they leave in?
  • What color was the car?
  • How many doors did it have?
  • What was the licence plate number?

 All these questions can be difficult to answer, and the longer you wait to recall certain details, the harder it will be.  What I suggest is to immediately jot down anything like a licence plate, make/model of car and anything else of utmost importance.  Here are the things I took note of during the video, and the answers to the questions I asked:

  • There were four suspects – three robbed the bank plus the driver of the get-away car
  • The three suspects who robbed the bank were dressed head to toe in black, including black balaclavas
  • The suspects were carrying black duffel bags
  • I’m not sure if they had weapons – I didn’t see any (but I would think they had them if they just robbed a bank)
  • One of the suspects yelled, “Go, go, go!” a number of times as they ran out of the bank
  • The get-away car was a newer model beige/gold, four door Chevy Malibu
  • I couldn’t read the licence plate
  • PLUS – there was damage to the front drivers side fender

Even though I was fairly confident the get-away car was a Malibu, I was not able to confirm it until I located another video of the same action sequence, taken from a different angle.  Turns out the entire production was for a Chevy Malibu commercial.  If all you can say is that the get-away car was a mid-sized beige American car with four doors, then you’re doing really well. 

For the sake of keeping this brief, I’ll end here.  I could keep going about this topic, and I will at a later date, so keep an eye out for ‘How to be a Good Witness – Part Three’.  Until then, it’s time for me to get some much needed shut-eye.


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