A Touch of Kindness

It’s snowing.  Several centimeters of the white stuff have coated my neighborhood in the last couple of hours.  When I went outside, I was bundled up against the old, my scarf wrapped around my neck to keep out the harsh wind.  As I cleaned my car windows with my new ice-scraper, I took a moment to think of the kindness of strangers.

Several times over my career I have been touched by those who have not needed the assistance of the police.  The people who have gone out of their way to show their appreciation of the police force in general, or to offer some form of creature comfort to an individual officer, are people we can all be proud of. 

Take, for instance, the woman living below the poverty line.  Her apartment had been broken into, her few worldly possessions stolen.  My partner and I took the report, and offered any reassuring words we could.  A few days later, on a winter day much like today, we were in the same building on another matter when this same woman approached us and beckoned us inside.  She had tea and cookies set out, having seen our patrol car parked out front.  She commented that it was cold outside, and she thought we could use a little ‘warm-me-up’. 

Then, recently, I was parked in my Dog Squad SUV, on a quiet side street.  PSD Hondo and I were on a ‘stake out’, and it was one of those situations that spanned many hours.  It took all of my concentration to remain focused on the task at hand (long term, static surveillance does not come naturally to me, and I have the utmost respect for the officers who can do this kind of work…).  At one point, a young woman approached me from the house I was parked in front of, with a cup of hot tea in her hands as an offering.  She blushed and pointed to her kitchen window, where her father was smiling and waving at us.  She said her father had seen me hours earlier, and had sent her out with the tea and a ‘thank you’ for keeping the area safe.  She said he would have come out himself had he not been walking with a cane.

These small acts of kindness may seem trivial to some, but to me, they are priceless.  Even the smallest token of appreciation, be it a smile or a tip of the hat, is a reminder of why I do this job.  Thank you – you have no idea how much your touches of kindness really matter.


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