This Week in Policing – Dec. 12, 2008

As everyone gears up for the holiday rush, I beg you to please slow down while driving in parking lots!  I braved a local mall earlier today and was just about mowed down by a woman racing for a prime parking spot.  She was on a cell phone to boot, so I’m not sure she even saw me. But I digress – I promised myself this blog would not turn into a rant, so back to business…

Last Saturday, Dec. 6th, members of the Vancouver Police Citizen’s Academy were awarded their certificates after completing a six week course meant to build bridges between the VPD and the community.  I had the opportunity to meet the group the day before when I gave a presentation on the Dog Squad, and I was very impressed with the participants.  They were all interested citizens who wanted to better educate themselves on what it is the VPD does, and by the end of the course, they had been given an inside look into the department. 

Then, yesterday, twenty-nine men and women became the newest officers with Academy Class #126 of the Vancouver Police Department when they were sworn in at a ceremony presided over by Chief Constable Jim Chu.  Here’s a big welcome to all the new officers.  

Yesterday I heard a quote from Vivian Stringer, the head coach of the Rugers University women’s basketball team (no, I did not meet her personally, even though I would very much like to – I saw her interviewed on television), and even though her statement was directed at her basketball team, it is a quote that all of us, particularly new police recruits, would do well to listen to:

‘Life is about being ready.’ – Vivian Stringer

Have a good weekend, everyone.  Stay safe.


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