Recession? No Problem!

All this talk about a Canadian recession is starting to worry a number of people, me included.  While my thoughts turn to bank interest rates and my upcoming mortgage renewal, there are people out there who are really concerned about where their next pay cheque is going to come from.   Not because these people don’t work hard, and not because they are not trained in their field, but because their jobs are starting to dry up.  Manufacturing plants are shutting down, major retailers are declaring bankruptcy and once ‘solid jobs’ are handing out hundreds of pink slips.

This is where the Vancouver Police Department comes in.  Policing is the type of employment that’s rooted in job security.  There’s a steady pay cheque and excellent benefits.  Plus, the VPD is gearing up for the 2010 Olympics and is undergoing an extensive hiring drive for 2009.

Extensive Hiring Drive = Opportunity for You.

Of course, you may already know the hiring standards for the VPD are tough.  What you may not realize is the standards are attainable.  If you meet or exceed the basic requirements, are looking for job satisfaction as well as job security, and are more than willing to work hard (and yes, have some fun) then maybe the VPD is for you.

Basic Hiring Requirements for the Vancouver Police Department:

• Minimum 19 years of age
• Excellent character
• Physically fit and in excellent health
• Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
• Grade 12 diploma or equivalent, plus one year of post secondary education (see the VPD Recruiting website for more details on what’s required for education qualifications)
• No criminal convictions, no adult criminal charges pending
• No history of improper conduct, poor employment, military, educational or driving record that would affect your suitability for policing duties
• A valid Class 5 driver’s license with a good driving record
• Be able to type a minimum of 25 words per minute

If this job sounds like it may be for you, then you must attend an upcoming information session.  You can get the upcoming dates from the VPD Recruiting site, but I’ve listed the next four dates for you:

• December 13, 2008 – 9am, Justice Institute of BC
• December 17, 2008 – 7pm, Century Plaza, downtown Vancouver
• January 17, 2009 – Justice Institute of BC, time TBA (check website)
• February 14, 2009 – Justice Institute of BC, time TBA (check website)

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